The Lost Files of Phanatik

by Phanatik

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Digging thru the crates I found a bunch of old songs that were either unreleased or under-released. Gone and forgotten over the last decade... until 2013. Welcome to The Lost Files of Phanatik


released August 12, 2013

The tracks I'm rappin on were submitted by Tony Stone, DJ Official and DJ Morphesis. Most of these were ideas for past albums that, for what ever reason, never made it



all rights reserved


Phanatik Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Just A Sample (2006)

This life is so emotional/ ups and downs highs and lows like a roller-coaster/
Tossed side to side like the tide in the ocean I pray that God would guide me by his Holy Ghost/
Before I'm ghost/ I sort of hope/ that the Lord of Hosts/ would be more than close/ [SHOT CLOCK]
And that before my death/ that the Lord'll just/ pour out and bless and release me from these thorns in the flesh/
But if he doesn't will I still love Him or have a grudge with Him (that's the question)
And He does though will I stay humble and will my love grow (or will it lessen)
Will I get caught up and it get harder for me to listen (hmmm probably) well in that case His grace is sufficient (n'ah mean) [PRESS ON]
My faith is so suspect/ I say I trust yet without knowing what's next/
It's hard to move me/ it's like I'm paralyzed/
I need faith to see through a new pair of eye [ODD JOB]
The Scripture's so delicious dude/ to my soul there's no other nutritious food/
I need to leap on it and feast on it in a vicious mood and not sleep on it and creep on it like it isn't true/
Now why would I do that/ don't I want the truth that/ provides us with views that match God's heart if you lack in
Wisdom just ask Him/ He gives to those lackin/ and hits them with gems that can fix them and patch them/
This is true see cause it's truly and thing of beauty (think not)
And you'll see cause it's juicy like a movie (with a sick plot)
And usually it's futile to try to move me (so I've heard)
But the tool he uses does the duty (that's God's word)


This walk is so incredible [The Incredible Walk]
once you embark your heart won't wanna let it go/
You start to part with the old you then shed it slow then
(hello) there's a brand new you from head to toe/
The mirror won't show this so here's how you know if you care when God's Spirit is sharing with those in/
His care and you don't miss a chance to come roll with/ have prayer with console with His church til our souls life [R&R]
This track is so inspirin' but it pales in comparison what could be higher than/
The subject of my raps the Great I AM/ you thought it was [ME]
You need to try again/
Who am I man I'm like you I'm blessed to be alive fam/
You and I need to fix our eyes set to the sky and/
Recognize that even though His size is endless/
And He's wise yet He still buys our friendship/
The cross was so bloody yet it was an awesome offering look at the love we get/
While chicks are huggin' the block and cats are thuggin' up in it I'm buggin' at how God ain't flamin' up the oven yet/ [GRIEVED AGAIN]
I live in Sodom and I can cross the boarder to Gomorrah to get more of the whoredom which only breeds boredom [COME HOME]
Like Dora they;re explorers lookin' for what's gonna cure them but walk right pass the Lord who bleeded for them/
He could save if they only have Him a chance (come in)
He could raise'em they would praise Him cuz He could cancel (there sin)
It's amazing how in these days we're in we could trample (God's grace)
What I'm saying is ....WAIT THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE!!!!!!!
Track Name: The Cross Movement - Trust In Him (2007)

You know it's time to follow the leader/
the Good Shepherd's a chef thus we swallow what He feeds us/
He takes time to care for each of us sheering our sheep fur but never leaves us out to freeze with nothing but peach fuzz/
So we follow Him hard like the fans who follow the Eagle
But what we yellin' bout is different we spellin' out J E S U S/
Living out trust not just taking a leap of faith so moves we make are much different than what the streets does/
Then we slow it down so you can keep up/
We're only found cuz He seeks us/
On holy ground once He cleans/
You know you're down once you see trust/
So many moves you can make these days you can follow Christ or follow your own way
But we up in His word like 'Lord whatchu say
Cuz we trust you that just what it comes to Hey'
Track Name: Recap (2007)
I never went out of my way to prove to you I'm someone/
DUST is all I am and I know DUST is alI come from/
You got your ice you chillin' hunh? You cooler than a fan/
And you think that you're the answer when they're askin' WHO'S THE MAN/
Maybe it's cuz the streets are so cold/
But I tried to told'em it's not enough to justify the heat that you hold/
Pull it/ shoot your bullets/ I let off a full clip of truth from the pulpit/ that'll lock on like a pit-bull's grip
So BACK UP/ let me get back into the scheme/
While we START SOMETHING/ just tryna Spark the HOLY CULTURE/
And turn the world upside down for Christ like roller-coasters/
As for Hip-hop we keep the baby toss the water/
And let EL ELYON ... REDEFINE this whole order/
Speed is the recorder/ Me I'm just reporting/
And this has been my place in His Story

From Heaven's Mental
to House of Reps
Emergency, we keep you steppen'
Holy Culture, Higher Def
to History...walk with us as we recap for you.